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About Us

RIVANOO LIETUVA is trade name of UAB  Yakka Technology a Lithuanian company witch has signed long term business contract with  GOTRADY co ltd China  to be the exclusive   factory outlet distributor  in Baltic States  for all  RIVANOO products 

We created Rivanoo for one purpose: to make your life easy and since launching it in 2017 we have received tons of mind blowing Reviews as a result of the effect our products has had on a lot of our Happy Customers. Our Goal is to help make the world a better place by offering our customers a cutting edge product that is both beneficial and problem solving...
We are a team of down to earth people, We Love our customers and we are proud to provide a great product, awesome customer service, and innovative upgrades to our store on a regular basis. Our desire is to help make the lives of our customers easier by offering them top-quality and affordable products that would help make their lives easier.

in Rivanoo  we make sure all product are tested and passed the quality  control  process    , 99%  of our product are made by factories   holding  ISO 9002  certification and has all CE  & ROHS  certificates   we also give big importance for health safety of material used to produce  those product