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3A USB to Type C fast charging cable

3A USB to Type C  fast charging cable
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3A USB to Type C fast charging cable

3A Fast Charging Liquid Silicone Data Cable for Type - C for Android device or Macbook


1. Made of food-grade environmentally friendly silicone material
2. Super soft, Anti-fouling, Dirt-resistant, Fast charge
3. Can be used normally and keep good stability even at -60 ~ 200 ° C and -60 ° C-350 ° C, Such as Russia, So the cable is very suitable for these counties that temperature is very low!
4. Subjected to 30,000 violent bending tests, Using time is longer than the ordinary wire.
5. Bold Cable core makes charging more stable. It contains high-quality copper wire to stabilize the current. You don't need to wait for fast charging.

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